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Local author considers the lilies in new book

Consider the liliesFrom 8 August we will be stocking a new book by local author James Hindson on Christians and creation care ‘Consider the Lilies’

​Apart from singing about it at a harvest festival and recycling as much as possible, many Christians don’t give much faith-based thought to their relationship with God’s creation.

This book explores what we are doing to creation and how a lack of care harms our relationship with both God and our neighbours. It provides the motivation for change and some ideas for action.


Bibles for those who like creative journalling

NLT Inspire BibleOn special offer at £22.99 (saving £4), this Bible is for those who like to be creative and find journalling helpful.


The Lost series for kids

Have you seen my coinIf you are looking for a present for young children this summer, we have a series of beautifully illustrated books on offer.

Find out more below:

A poor lady has lost her coin and it was very, very special to her. Join her in the search and hunt through the woods, farm, boatyard, market and more, and see if you can discover what was lost.The parable of the lost coin comes alive in this beautifully illustrated, search-and-find story book. With a hidden object to spot on each page and a bonus round of even more items to find, dive in and help the lady search for her precious lost coin!

Bob Hartman has travelled the world, telling stories, for over twenty-five years. He is also the author of over fifty books for children, including the bestselling The Lion Storyteller Bible, The Wolf Who Cried Boy and YouVersion’s The Bible App for Kids.

This beautifully illustrated book is ideal for children aged 3-6 years old.

On offer in the shop for £4.99.  Contact us to find out abourt other books in the series.


Paperback McGrath out tomorrow

Inventing the UniverseThe latest Alister McGrath book comes out in paperback tomorrow.

‘Inventing the Universe’ is a fascinating read and comes highly recommended

Find 0ut nore below then contact us to order your copy.

We just can’t stop talking about the big questions around science and faith. They haven’t gone away, as some predicted they might; in fact, we seem to talk about them more than ever. Far from being a spent force, religion continues to grow around the world. Meanwhile, Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists argue that religion is at war with science – and that we have to choose between them. It’s time to consider a different way of looking at these two great cultural forces. What if science and faith might enrich each other? What if they can together give us a deep and satisfying understanding of life? Alister McGrath, one of the world’s leading authorities on science and religion, engages with the big questions that Dawkins and others have raised – including origins, the burden of proof, the meaning of life, the existence of God and our place in the universe. Informed by the best and latest scholarship, Inventing the Universe is a groundbreaking new primer for the complex yet fascinating relationship between science and faith.


Ideas for Christmas – Images of Grace

Images of GraceIf you are looking for Christmas inspiration; what about an adult colouring book?

Images of Grace, by Jacqui Grace, is a beautiful gift to give to someone who wants to enjoy this pastime, which more and more adults are (re)discovering.

At £8.99 (a price that at least matches certain on line retailers) it is a great gift for that creative person in your life.

Available in the shop now