For over 50 Years we have been ‘A light on the High Street’, An independent Christian bookshop in the heart of Shrewsbury. Illuminate is Shropshire’s largest christian bookshop. We supply resources for churches throughout the county and beyond. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm each day except Sundays and Bank Holidays Pop in and meet our team of staff and volunteers.

Our Board

There had been a Christian bookshop on Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury for over 50 years, but by 2010 it was in significant financial difficulty. Such was the support from local Christians for it to continue that over £50,000 was raised in a very short time to buy the business, and a Trust set up to administer it. The money was raised by individuals and organisations buying multiples of £50 non-profit making shares, as well as making donations. All shareholders are entitled to vote at Annual and Special General Meetings, and the day-to-day affairs of the organisation are in the hands of a Board of Directors.

Legal status

Because it a shareholder organisation, Illuminate Trust is registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an Industrial and Provident Society (number 31170R). It is also registered with HMRC as a charity for tax purposes (number XT29761). The most recent accounts will be posted on the FSA website.


The Board communicates with shareholders and other supporters by means of regular newsletters. If you would like to see a copy please contact us

Financial involvement

We need to develop the business in many ways, and profits from sales are not great enough at present to allow this to happen as we would like. So if in addition to supporting us by buying our products, you would like to buy a share or make a donation (either one-off or regular) that would be greatly appreciated. Go to ‘Getting involved’

Our Current Board.

Andrew Pattison (Chairman)

A retired General Practitioner worships at Barnabas Community Church. Shrewsbury

James Hindson (Secretary)

An environmental consultant worships at Shrewsbury Baptist Church.

Adrian Burns (Treasurer)

A Teacher and an educational consultant worships in the churches at Great and Little Ness with Ruyton XI Towns

Christine Coleman 

The Shop Manager worships at Barnabas Community Church. Shrewsbury

Judie Ellis 

A teacher, worships at Christ Church, Bayston Hill.

Clare Mowbray

Works in the shop worships at Trinity Churches, Shrewsbury

John Mowbray

An accountant with Caterpillar worships at Trinity Churches, Shrewsbury

Ellie Sambrook

A Technician at Theatre Severn worships at Barnabas Community Church. Shrewsbury

Our links to local churches

Illuminate is not part of any denomination or any other Christian organisation.

We are here to support the local churches and have shareholders from across all the major denominations across the area. If you are new to the area and wish to find a church, we would be happy to give you some information, alternatively see:

Doctrine position

Anyone is welcome to buy shares or support us with donations

The only doctrine stipulation that we make is that ‘A Board member should be a member in good standing of a church of historical orthodox Christian faith’